VizLite™ Dual Technology

Technology explained – How it works

VizLite Dual Technology when incorporated into a certified EN ISO E20471 or ANSI 107 Hi Visibility garments, offer the wearer three levels of protection. These are Bright Fluorescent background fabrics for daytime conspicuity, retro reflective tape which returns light to the source normally car headlights and phosphorescence which emits light in low or no light conditions.

The retro reflective material is constructed from mbeads™, micro beads of high index glass half coated with aluminium. These work like thousands of tiny retro reflectors reflecting light back to the source, offering levels of brightness up to 500 Candelas.

Diagram 1

Light is comprised of tiny particles of energy called photons. This simple diagram shows how light energy is absorbed and emitted by photo luminescent materials. (Diagram 1)

Photo luminescent materials absorb ultraviolet light and emit visible light. There are two types of photoluminescence: fluorescence and phosphorescence. Fluorescent materials emit light absorbed from shorter wavelengths immediately and decays within seconds. The colours used EN ISO 20471 are fluorescent yellow, orange/red and red, make the wearer contrast with their surroundings.

Phosphorescent materials, absorbs ultraviolet light through electromagnetic radiation. When the light source is extinguished, phosphorescent materials continue to emit photons of light which is called afterglow. This light lasts for up to eight hours but diminishes over this period. Measurements taken of VizLite Dual Technology phosphorescent component are shown in the chart below. (Chart 1)

Chart 1

The initial afterglow when measured in millicandellas per square metre (mcd/m2) using a photometer is 1830 (mcd/m2) and extinction time for afterglow to diminish to (0.32 mcd/m2) or about 100 times limit of human perception is 480 minutes. (8 hours)

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