2nd October 2017

Demonstration of VizLite DT phosphorescent technology on Ballyclare Xenon Fire Kit with Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service, by Viz Reflectives

The technical team at Viz Reflectives has been working with Ballyclare Limited's designers and specifiers to present a solution for firefighters to be seen more clearly in low light conditions. In conjunction with Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service, the following video has been created to demonstrate the benefits of using Vizlite DT technology deployed on Ballyclare's Xenon range of firefighting clothing. The firefighters involved in the trial stated that the new technology brought tangible safety benefits when carrying out operational duties. What do you think? Vizlite DT (patent pending technology) conforms to all international firefighting standards for flame retardancy and exceeds all international standards for glow performance. VizliteDT. Join the Safety Revolution.

VizLite DT testing with Ballyclare

To view the video on our Vimeo site just click on above image or follow the link below.

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