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Introducing the New Alpha Plastic Sign

A truly innovative design in which one base can be fitted with interchangeable sign faces, thus reducing the necessary amount of stock carried in a vehicle saving you fuel, time and manpower. Manufactured in the UK using blow moulded HDPE, the Alpha sign is 100% recyclable, super strong and can be produced in any colour. Replacement sign faces can be ordered rather than having to replace the whole sign. The Alpha Sign is easy to handle and transport, 50 sign bodies can fit onto one standard Pallet.

Sign Faces are printed onto M-Lite™ Class 1 Reflective Vinyl and standard Chapter 8 signs are available from stock with specials available on request.

600mm and 750mm Triangular signs with supplementary plates are available as a one piece sign with interchangeable text.

The Alpha plastic sign is available in the following sizes:

  • 600mm & 750mm Circles
  • 600mm & 750mm Triangles
  • 600 x 450mm Rectangle
  • 1050 x 450mm Rectangles
  • 1050 x 750mm Rectangles
  • 600mm & 750mm Triangle signs with sup plates

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