Optilux™ Reflective inks systems

Optilux™ Reflective inks systems

Optilux™ 600WB Reflective ink is an easy to print water based, reflective ink that contains light-reflecting mbeads™ and was developed in partnership with International Coatings in the US. It is recognized as the most reflective ink on the market that is easy to use and gives good definition. This makes Optilux™ Reflective inks a popular choice for use as a unique decorative tool to increase night-time visibility of a printed design.

Optilux™ 600WB is an easy to use one pack system that is ready to print immediately upon opening, suitable for screen and rotary printing. Available from stock with a light grey appearance, Optilux 600WB is suitable for printing onto natural and Polycotton fabrics both knitted and woven. For more information download the Optilux™ 600WB Product data sheet.

Donwload data sheet Optilux™ Reflective Inks Systems.

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For further information on preparation, application, storage etc please see our Optilux technical product sheet and MSDS.

Optilux technical product sheet
Optilux Inks MSDS

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