Reflective & Phosphorescent Technology

Viz Reflectives are Innovators and experts in reflective and phosphorescent technology.

Reflective & Phosphorescent Products

A combination of phosphorescent and reflective technologies, VizLite DT is a revolution in safety.

A range of specified retro-reflective tapes and films for use in PPE such as high visibility clothing and Fire garments.


A range of glass micro beads for reflective paints, coatings and inks.

M-Lite Viz Reflectives


High performance, durable retro-reflective sheeting intended for use in a range of applications.

Welcome to the Safety Revolution

VizLite Dual Technology phosphorescence offers an extra level of protection by giving off an intense glow for up to 8 hours, without the use of batteries.

VizLite DT

Three Levels of Visibility

base fabrics for daytime conspicuity

fabrics reflect back light sources

reemits absorbed UV light as a bright afterglow

Daylight Darkness

VizLite retro-reflective materials are a tried and tested brand, that has been supplied into the international safety market for over twenty years.

VizLite Tapes and Films

Retro-Reflective Sheeting

High quality reflective sheeting that can be printed by digital or screen printers.

Laser Microparticles

Microscopic Glass Beads

Viz Reflectives have been supplying the global market place with high index microscopic glass beads for over twenty years.

Temporary Road Signs, printed vinyls and finished signs manufactured inhouse using M-Lite retro-reflective sheeting.

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