About Viz Reflectives

Viz Reflectives are recognised as innovators and experts in reflective and photoluminescent technology.

Our Mission -

We believe that increased visibility equals increased safety.

Our mission is to increasing the visibility of individuals, whether that is a Fire Fighter, a postal worker, or an athlete.

Viz Reflectives are recognised as innovators and experts in reflective and photoluminescent technology. With over twenty years’ experience in the reflective materials market, and as the number one supplier of photoluminescent materials for firefighters garments, footwear, and related accessories.

Through a multi layered disciplined approach to R&D, we work closely with major suppliers and brands to develop and bring to market new and effective products to increase safety through visibility.

Innovation runs through our veins

Our success in the field of Fire-retardant materials has resulted in a Patent being awarded for the VizLite DT PRO range of firefighter tapes, which combine reflectivity, fluorescence, and photoluminescence in a single system.

With the emphasis on high performance reflective and phosphorescent materials for the global Fire market, our products are improving visibility in all light conditions for sectors such as Motor Sports, Military, CBRN, Wildland, USAR, and Structural Fire Fighting.

A truly international company with a global customer base in a diverse range of markets including footwear, children’s clothing, sportswear, urban wear, and Industry specific PPE.

Key Strengths


Our talented team work closely with designers to help develop products from conception through to production, assisting with the testing and certification requirements, and collaborating on marketing and media campaigns.

This customer focused approach has enabled us to sustain long lasting strong relationships with our clients.

Technical expertise

Viz Reflectives understands the certification process requirements, working with accredited test houses to maintain performance of our materials with the latest specifications, be that EN 469:2020 or EN ISO 20471.

2023 has seen the company invest heavily in testing equipment for its R&D and ongoing product inline compliance and quality testing. It will also be the year we achieve ISO 9001 certification system for our UK manufacturing facility.


At Viz Reflectives each team member plays a crucial part in our success. We see our colleagues as members of the Viz family, with a strong emphasis of pastoral care. We pride ourselves on our outlook and this in turn instils loyalty and a happy workforce.

Testing Capabilities

Inspiring Confidence

Viz Reflectives have heavily invested in key testing equipment for use in both quality control and product development.

Reflectivity, chromaticity, wash performance, and flame resistance can now be tested in house and the results shared with our customers.

The ability to offer this testing service to our customers sets Viz Reflectives apart from the competition.


Retro-reflective Testing

At Viz Reflectives we have the facility to carry out inhouse performance testing of our M-Lite retro-reflective films and temporary road signs to the standard EN 12899-1-2007.

Using a range of measuring equipment, we can check the measurements of reflectivity over  the range of angles, plus measurements X and Y of the retroreflected night-time colour coordinates.

Laundry Testing

Recently installed in our laboratory, is a Wascator FOM71-CLS and Electrolux TE 1120 Dryer, enabling in house laundry testing of our VizLite and VizLite DT materials to ISO 6330:2012.

This equipment combined with the testing capabilities of our retroreflector, means that we can offer our customers testing of all sixteen angles of reflectivity before and after washing.

Flame Resistance Testing

Also commissioned and installed is the latest Flexiburn cabinet which facilitates inhouse performance testing to fire standards such EN469:2020, including limited flame spread and edge burn before and after washing.

This piece of equipment will also be used in product development and quality control of the VizLite DT products, manufactured in the UK.

Our Products

A combination of phosphorescent and reflective technologies and a revolution in safety.


A range of specified retro-reflective tapes, films and transfer systems for use in high visibility clothing.

M Beads

Microscopic high index glass beads for reflective paints, coatings, and inks.


High performance, durable retro-reflective sheeting intended for use in a range of applications.

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