The building blocks of our reflective products

Viz Reflectives have been supplying the global market place with high index microscopic glass beads for over twenty years. Ranging in size from 30 micron to 50 micron, mbeads offer excellent performance for industrial and consumer-based retro-reflective products.

Mbeads Product Description

Clearview 30-40µ ; 40-50µ White, Light Yellow 1.91-1.93 98% + 4.2 Titanium dioxide & Barium Carbonate & Silica
Metaview 30-40µ ; 40-50µ Silver, Light Grey 1.91-1.93 98% + 4.2 Titanium dioxide & Barium Carbonate
& Silica & Aluminium (stabilized) >1%


Clearview is a range of clear uncoated, high index glass beads typically used in the manufacture of coloured reflective inks and transfers.



Metaview is a range of light grey metallised, high index glass beads coated in aluminium and typically used in the production of retro-reflective tapes, printing inks and coatings.



High Index glass beads are particularly used in exposed-lens-type retro-reflective systems such as the manufacture of retro-reflective materials.

Typical end use applications for mbeads

Reflective Coatings

Reflective Textile, Solvent and Printing Ink Systems

Reflective Aerosol Paints

Security and Anti-Counterfeiting Inks

Filler Beads

ISO 9001

Quality control is a key element in producing consistent batches and is controlled using ISO 9001 requirements.

With the use of Laser Analysers our glass bead customers can receive full certificates of analysis, giving data on particle distribution and mean sizes.

All our reflective glass beads are inorganic in nature and have been tested to meet the following requirements of industry.

  • Toxicity according to BS71-3:2018
  • California’s Safe drinking water and Toxic enforcement (Prop 65)
  • Formaldehyde free
  • Do not contain chemicals listed on the Blue Sign restricted substance list
  • Exempt from REACH

For more details, please download the product leaflets and the MSDS

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