VizLite DT FRA has an inherent Meta-aramid fabric backing, which is highly resistant to temperature. VizLite DT FRA meets the necessary standards for global fire retardant garments and accessories as listed to the right.

VizLite DT FRA can be laundered up to 50 times at 60°C in a domestic washing machine and can be industrially laundered up to 50 times at 75°C with 160°C cabinet finish.

Due to this products high laundry performance DT FRA is ideal for use on garments supplied under a rental contract.

This product can also be screen printed to produce identification tapes and badges.

For more information on use and application please refer to the product data sheet

Suitable applications
Anywhere that you want to increase visibility.

  • Structural fire fighting
  • Wildland fire fighting
  • Urban search and rescue
  • Emergency services
  • Police public order PPE
  • Marine fire fighting kit
  • FR compatible tools and accessories
  • Footwear
  • Arc protection clothing
  • Hot processing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Military
Daylight Darkness


Pale Yellow


DIN 67510-1:2020-5
ISO 17398:2004
EN 469:2020
EN ISO 11611:2015
EN ISO 11612:2015
EN ISO 14116:2015
EN 15384:2020
EN 1149-5:2018
NFPA 1971: 2018 ; NFPA 1951:2020 ;
NFPA 1977:2022 ; NFPA 2112:2023
NFPA 1975:2019 ; CAN/CGSB 155.20:2017

Laundry Cycles

50 Domestic Wash 60°C
50 Tumble Dry 60°C
50 Industrial Wash 75°C
Cabinet Finish 160°C

Roll Length (M)


Roll Width (mm)


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